Does the type of animal affect the case of bite?

If you are injured by an animal bite and decide to take legal action for the injury, in some states your rights may vary depending on the type of animal that bites you.


Most states have laws, collectively referred to as “dog bite laws.”. The dog bite method imposes so-called “strict liability” on the damage caused by the dog owner’s dog. Strict liability means that the dog owner is responsible for the damage caused by his dog, whether or not the dog owner is really at fault.

Dog biting laws and regulations provide important legal advantages for people injured by dogs. In states where there is no such law, it is the duty of the injured person to prove that the owner of the dog knows (or should know) that his / her dog is vicious and may harm someone. However, according to the strict liability dog bite method, the injured person only needs to prove that the dog bit him or her, and the owner’s knowledge is not a problem.

However, if the owner of the dog indicates that the injured person has provoked or is trespassing, the injured person may be barred from pursuing compensation (even according to the dog bite method). Generally, in states where dog bites are practiced, people who have been bitten by a dog are more likely to prove their case than people who have been bitten by another animal.


Horses and livestock


Most of the horse’s damage is caused by kicking rather than being bitten. Most states do not have specific laws on injuries caused by horses, so such injuries are usually treated in the same way as injuries caused by other livestock: according to standard fault rules. This means that if the owner knows or has reason to know the dangerous trend of the horse, he is usually responsible for the damage caused by the horse. Similarly, as in other animal cases, a horse owner may not be held responsible if he can prove that the injured person “took the risk”, “negligently neglected” or provoked the horse.

Wild animal

People who own or raise wild animals often have strict responsibilities, just as dog owners are responsible for dog bites according to the dog bite method. The reason is that the behavior of animals that may be uncontrollable and malignant is considered inherently dangerous. Therefore, even if the owner of a wild animal takes extreme measures to protect people from its animals (such as building high fences), if the animal eventually hurts someone, the owner should be held responsible regardless of his or her efforts. To protect the public.

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