Illegal DHS rules have increased our competitiveness

The U.S. – born skilled workers’ group has asked temporary workers to visa their spouses for employment under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rules, violating labor market competition, the U.S. appeals court in the District of Columbia said Friday. Dominating.

After the Federal District Court approved DHS’s campaign for managers, the case reached the DC circuit court. Apple, the problem faced by foreign workers who enter the U.S. employment market through the visa process, formed the American Employment Association to solve the employment problem, “including quitting jobs in exchange for members of the H 1b visa holder.”

The H-1B visa owner is a skilled worker who is allowed to reside temporarily in the United States for the duration of his employment. These visa holders are considered “non immigrant” because of their temporary stay. The spouse of the H-1 B visa holder is allowed an H-4 visa. The H-1B visa owner may need a permanent resident visa with a well-known green card. This process is usually time aggregation type, expanding H-1B visa. Due to the inability of spouses to apply for jobs, DHS has issued rules that require people with permanent residency rights to be subject to financial hardship and that spouses require employment for an extended period of time.

According to the opinion written by judge Tuttle, the court said that “competitors’ jurisprudence recognizes this”. Or, the re-election party will suffer legal harm and protect the specific interests of its environment. According to Article 3, part of its members will be employed by H-1B visa holders instead of them.

The incident reversed and was retried. If the DHS rules were overturned, the spouses of many H-1B visa workers hired from the rules were announced in 2015.

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