Top Law School Numbers Rankings

It’s no secret that law school enrollment is a digital driven process. The most important number of law schools is that your comprehensive and total scores form a key part of your application and play an important role in the review process.
Of all your applications, LSAT is usually considered the trump card. Why? If we look at top law schools, we can see a correlation between LSAT scores and the ranking of new law schools in the United States (table below). The larger the middle 50% LSAT score range, the higher the ranking. Given the importance that law school applicants and students place on rankings, in turn, schools are motivated to focus on factors that can improve their rankings. This means that although there is no threshold for LSAT scores in top law schools, the enrollment process of these schools still has a significant impact on LSAT performance.
Law School
25th to 75th Percentile LSAT Scores
U.S. News 2017 Law School Ranking
Yale University
Stanford University
Harvard University
University of Chicago
Columbia University
New York University
University of Pennsylvania
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
University of California-Berkeley
University of Virginia
Of course, LSAT is not the only number that admissions officers care about. Your GPA will also work. Ideally, you will have a strong LSAT and a strong GPA to complement each other. However, since LSAT is a key part of an application, a strong LSAT can help offset GPA weakness. On the contrary, a strong GPA cannot offset a weak LSAT. After all, that makes sense, because a university in Kentucky may or may not have the same 3.8 GPA as a university in Texas, which in turn may be more like a university in Maryland. Law school admissions officers see LSAT as an equalizer across the court, explaining the huge difference in GPA at Universities
This means to you that you should take your law school numbers seriously. You can still correct it if you need to, and you absolutely should. Now, you may not have much ability to significantly improve your average. In fact, you may have graduated. But no matter where your GPA is, you can guarantee the best performance on LSAT. If you’re not completely satisfied with your grades, retaking the lsatto score can even improve your scores, which can open up thousands of dollars in scholarships and possibly a stronger level of school, and you’ll be competitive. Take a look at our posts on how to learn, to help lsatto play your best
With so much emphasis on numbers, do admissions officers only consider LSAT and GPA? No, not at all. While these numbers are critical, there is no need for admissions staff if law schools can simply enter numbers into computers that allow computers to calculate admissions based on LSAT and GPA alone. Admissions officers still want to see your interests and talents diversify beyond the digital archive. Your work experience, volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, leadership, personal presentation, and the ability to contribute to the diversity of the school class all contribute to your candidacy. Top law schools in particular want to see evidence of academic and non academic achievements.

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