About traffic violations

Traffic law is the body of rules and regulations covering the operation of a car or truck on public roads.

There are two distinct types of traffic violations.

Moving violations are issued when the car is in motion at the time of the incident. Common types include:


2.Reckless or careless driving

3.Failure to stop or failure to yield

4.Not wearing a seatbelt

5.Turning illegally

Non-moving violations are issued when the issue does not occur in a moving vehicle. Common types include:

1.Driving without insurance

2.Driving with an expired driver’s license or expired vehicle tags

3.Driving an unsafe vehicle

4.Parking illegally

When do I call a lawyer

Most small traffic tickets can be handled without a lawyer. If this is your first violation and the penalty does not include a score on your driving record, you can choose to pay a fine in front of a judge or fight your ticket in court.

However, if you have multiple traffic tickets and the points you face will increase your insurance rate for several years or result in the loss of your driving privileges, an experienced traffic lawyer can help you negotiate a lesser offence or a lower penalty.


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