Legal definition of Business law

A broad concept that describes the substantive law governing transactions between business entities, except for the carriage of goods by sea (as stipulated by Admiralty and Maritime Law). Commercial law covers all aspects of business, including advertising and marketing, collection and bankruptcy, banking, contracts, negotiable instruments, secured transactions and general trade. It covers domestic and foreign trade; it also regulates trade between countries.
The term commercial law describes a broad law governing commercial transactions. The Unified Business Regulations (UCC) adopted by the US states are the primary agencies for managing commercial transactions. The UCC is divided into nine chapters covering a wide range of issues arising in commercial transactions. These terms govern the following: goods sales, goods leasing, negotiable instruments, bank deposits, funds transfers, letters of credit, bulk sales, warehouse receipts, bills of lading, investment securities and secured transactions.
Many other laws also govern commercial transactions. For example, although UCC’s Article 4 regulates bank deposits, federal law stipulates requirements for banks and general banking in the form of regulations and regulations. Similarly, federal law governs issues related to commercial law, such as bankruptcy and debt collection. Many federal laws related to commercial transactions have been incorporated into Chapter 15 of the United States Code.
Although UCC controls most aspects of domestic commercial law, common law contracts and other state laws still apply to certain types of transactions that occur in business, such as international law contracts are also an important part of the field. For example, some 62 countries have ratified the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, which accounts for two-thirds of world trade.
Although the business world is constantly changing, commercial laws generally remain unchanged. The Uniform Law Commission regularly reviews the UCC provisions with the American Law Association and other organizations. However, the UCC revision process is usually slow and deliberate. The recent revision of Article 2 (the sale of goods under the jurisdiction) and Article 9 (the jurisdictional guarantee transaction) has been completed for several years. Therefore, not only the commercial law of the entire United States is basically uniform, but also those who engage in commercial activities can determine to some extent the commercial transactions governing the laws of these transactions.
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