The employment rate of Atlantas John Marshall Law School

AJMLS was founded in Atlanta in 1933. It was not approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) until 2005.8 In October 2017, ABA concluded that the law school did not meet ABA standards 301(a), 309(b) and 501(a)/501(b). And in December 2018, ABA carried out a substantive and continuous execution of these standards that did not comply with these standards.
At the end of 2011, AJMLS opened a branch in Savannah, Georgia, called Savannah Law School.10 In March 2018, the law school announced that its Savannah branch campus no longer accepts applications for 2018, and Provide existing students with the option to continue their legal education in Savannah, transfer to Atlanta’s main campus on campus, or seek transfer or visit to other institutions.  Classmates representing Savannah Law School claimed that the Savannah School had been closed to benefit Atlanta’s alma mater.
In 2017, AJMLS received attention, when a student was allegedly a white nationalist organizer, threatening the lynching of black radicals in Atlanta.
AJMLS’s “Experiential Learning” program combines classroom theory with direct experience, providing students with direct access to legal practice. The credit plan includes legal clinics, intensive internships and other approved on-site internships.
Some internships involve criminal prosecution proceedings, and eligible students can apply for the third year practice certificate of the Prosecutor’s Lawyers Association under the Georgia Third Year Practice Act.
Approved field internships fall into the following categories: bankruptcy law, commercial law, civil rights law, court management, criminal law honor, environmental law, family law, federal agency, health law, immigration law, judicial clerk, juvenile law, labor law, mediation law , municipal agencies, state resettlement agencies, public welfare organizations, prosecutors, public defenders, real estate law, sports law, state agencies and tax laws. 16 In the AJMLS Fulton County Family Law Internship Clinic, 17 participants assisted the High Court of Lawyers in Fulton County in matters related to family law. In the AJMLS Immigration Law Clinic (AILC), 18 students assisted immigrant clients of Catholic charities in the Atlanta Immigration Law Clinic. The Experience Tax Law Internship System 19 provides practical tax law experience in a small company environment.
Students attending AJMLS can participate in many independent student organizations. These groups are interested in such interests as cultural diversity, academics, entertainment, professional and interpersonal relationships.
Student organizations for the 2018-2019 academic year: BLSA, Christian Law Association, Corporate Law and Commercial Law Association, Criminal Law Association, Family Law Association, Georgia Women Lawyers Association (GAWL), Health Law Association, Law Journal, Country Lawyers Association, Phi Alpha Delta, Sports and Entertainment Law Association, SOLO Practitioners Law Association, Student Lawyers Association.
As of April 11, 2018, the total employment rate of graduates of the ABA Employment Statistics Bureau for 2017 was 71.11%, of which 43.7% of the work required to pass the qualification of lawyers. According to the report, 15 graduates with unknown employment status are known, and 96 are known to be employed in a certain capacity (part-time lawyers and non-lawyers, 54 of whom are employed full-time by lawyers). Two of them are pursuing graduate degrees. Full time, one of whom was postponed to start work was classified as unemployed, 20 were unemployed and looking for work, and one was unemployed and was not looking for work.

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