Network security policy to prevent cybercrime

Ecosystem. A strong ecosystem helps prevent cybercrime. Your ecosystem includes three areas: automation, interoperability, and authentication. Powerful system can prevent malicious software, loss, hacker, internal attack, equipment theft and other network attacks.

Framework assurance framework is a strategy to comply with security standards. This updates the infrastructure. It also allows governments and businesses to cooperate between so-called support and recognition.

Open standards can improve the security of network crimes. They make it easy for businesses and individuals to use the right security. Open standards can also improve economic growth and the development of new technologies.

Strengthen supervision. This directly involves network law. The government can work to improve this area of law. They can also find institutions to deal with cyber law and cyber crime. Other parts of the strategy include promoting cybersecurity, proof education and training, working with private and public organizations, and implementing new security technologies.

IT mechanism. There are many useful it mechanisms / measures. Promoting these mechanisms is a good way to combat cybercrime. These measures include end-to-end, association oriented, link oriented and data encryption oriented.

E-government. E-government is the ability to provide services through the Internet. Unfortunately, e-government is ignored in many countries. Developing this technology is an important part of network law.

Infrastructure. Protecting infrastructure is one of the most important parts of network security. This includes power grids and data transmission lines. Outdated infrastructure is vulnerable to cybercrime.

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