Oxford law school, a research center for international law for more than 400 years

Oxford law school has been the main center of international law research for more than 400 years. Although chicher’s position as a professor of public international law was only established in 1859, the teaching of Oxford’s public international law can be traced back at least to 1587, when Alberto Gentili, the then international jurist and practitioner, was appointed professor of civil law in Regius. Oxford. Former holders of Chichele’s position as professor of public international law include Professor Vaughan Lowe, Professor QC, Sir Ian Brownlie, Professor D.P. Oconnell, Professor Humphrey Waldock, Professor qcand, Professor James Brierly. More details of Oxford’s history of international law can be extracted from the inaugural speech of Professor Vaughan Lowe, a former chicher professor of public international law.

Professor Catherine Redgwell is the current Chichi professor of public international law. Today, Oxford University has a group of outstanding international law scholars who conduct research and teaching in various fields of public international law. Despite the continued emphasis on the study of general international law (the fundamental principles that make up the international legal system), the teaching and study of international law in Oxford allows for specialized research in specific areas of international law.

Oxford international law benefits from its close links with scholarships and teaching in other related areas of law school, including human rights law, environmental law and legal philosophy. The European and Comparative Law Institute provides institutional support for links with comparative law and European law. International law research also plays a central role in the research programs and postgraduate courses of other centers and institutes in the University, especially the refugee Research Center, the Oxford Institute of ethics, law and armed conflict, the Institute of environmental change and the Smith School of business and environment. In addition, the university is the main centre for the study of international relations, where international lawyers work with colleagues in the Department of politics and international relations and the University’s new Blavatnik School of government to strengthen ties with international relations. Scholarships in public policy and international relations.

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