Which are the best online law schools?

This is a difficult question to answer because there is no clear ranking system, American news does not rank online degree courses, and online law schools lack practical first-hand information. Online law schools don’t have much accountability.

Let’s step back.

At present, if you study in the top law schools in countries such as Harvard, or even in regional powers (such as the University of Alabama, if you study), the current online law school’s doctor of law course will not bring you that kind of occupation to live in Alabama.

Indeed, in fact, there are not many online law schools where you can take the bar exam in any state. Currently, no company is ABA certified (this is important because if you graduate from an ABA certified law school, you can take a bar exam in any of the 50 states in the United States).

If you already have a law doctor, there are more programs available to offer a master’s degree in law online.

So, with all this as a warning, if you know nothing about getting an online law degree, please allow me to choose some of the best online law schools. Similarly, below, I consider the LLD and LLM courses respectively.

Best online law school doctor of law program

If I’m looking for the best online law school to get a doctorate in law and practice law in the United States, I’m looking at two schools:  San Francis and  Concord.

1. St. Francis Law School

That’s what I think of San Francisco law school (warning: I’ve had some talks with the administration of St. Francis about teaching for them, so I might prefer them. They moved me to be sincere, sincere people, they know their work. However, please do your own independent research. Don’t just rely on my words.)

Of all online law schools, St. Francis seems to be the most talented and accomplished student. Here they list their student bodies. Most students have advanced degrees (Master’s or doctor’s degrees), many come from competitive undergraduate schools (Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Berkeley, Stanford, etc.), and many hold senior positions in Silicon Valley.

Saint Francis seems to have a lot of value. They charge $6500 a year for four years (more if you pay in installments). That’s $26000 less than a semester’s tuition for an ordinary substantive law school.

But St. Francis doesn’t pretend to make it easy for you to get a lawyer’s job. In fact, it is commendable that, unlike other online law schools, Saint Francis seems to be quite frank about this. A law degree appears to be aimed primarily at non legal professionals who are working or who need to know some aspects of their non legal work. St. Francis didn’t pretend to make a new lawyer. Indeed, there is a page where many of our students work with employers in executive positions and are seeking a doctor of law to expand their problem-solving skills (see the introduction here).

2. Concorde law school.

Concord, owned by Kaplan University, is one of the 800 pound online education gorillas and the most complete and well funded online law school to date. I’m not sure if this is the first online law school to prepare students for the California bar exam, but it’s the most famous. This is my view of Concord:

Good technology.

Non selective enrollment.

Concord doesn’t seem to be as picky as St. Francis’s, and there’s no page for Concord to boast that his students have advanced degrees or go to famous undergraduate schools. Students I know tell me they can’t get into a regular law school.

Drop out rates can be high.

I didn’t see the numbers, but I coached a student who had been kicked out of Concord twice, and another of my friends was asked to leave. Basically, the problem is that concord has the technology to track whether you keep reading or not. There are also multiple choice questions or written tests or tests every week (physical law schools usually do not have such a thing, a fair final exam), and you must maintain a minimum score to continue to participate in the program. Too far behind in too many courses, Concord will ask you to leave.

There may be a good reason to do so (I’m just speculating here). Concord university wants to maintain a high passing rate of lawyers, and one way to do this is to eliminate students who seem to have failed. Remember, while Concord promotes its convenience, you have to be absolutely sure to keep up with four years of work (I’m not sure if you drop out of school, Concord will refund your tuition, I guess they won’t.)

Best online law school LLM

Now, if you already have a law doctor and are a practicing lawyer, and want to add a master of law (LLM) to your resume, there are more procedures to choose from.

Open your eyes and take a closer look at these programs. Even though the following programs are online, many of them are not cheaper than the actual face-to-face LLM programs.

Also note: if you participate in a real face-to-face LLM program, the benefit is networking. For example, law masters students at Harvard University and New York University meet many other foreign students. Most people return to their home countries and leave their classmates around the world as potential references and contacts.

Anyway, if you want to get a LLM from one of the best online law schools, these are the courses I recommend. Indeed, these are the degrees offered by very famous schools.

Note: most of these programs are online, that is to say, some things have to appear in person, and you need to fly to New York or Oxford for weeks to study or do homework or take exams.

Many lawyers and executives gave up their careers and personally earned the prestigious LLM from the best tax degree program in the United States.

Oxford University human rights law course this is a hybrid program, mainly online. Don’t do this to make more money, because after all, it’s a master’s degree in human rights law, not a business degree that can help you get rich. It’s an expensive scheme for anyone from outside Europe. But the program looks very interesting.

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