The examples of a natural law

Examples of natural law: Bill of rights, human rights, etc. Natural law is a theory or belief that certain rights exist independently of any government that grants them. Usually, whenever a group rebelled against its government and claimed that the government did not grant them rights, they were advocating natural law. For example, many children appeal for a sense of fairness in disputes, and most people in the world agree that murder is a serious violation of natural law.

For example, the declaration of independence is the claim of natural law, i.e. the right to freedom, the right to non taxation without representation, etc. if you think you are entitled to these rights only based on the following facts: living / human, you believe in natural law.

It can also work in other ways. Some acts are crimes only by virtue of the act itself, such as murder (which is malicious in itself).

Empirical law, on the other hand, is a theory or belief that all laws come from the government / legislator (Prohibition). Basically, you have no right that the government does not grant you. According to the law, any action is right or wrong in essence, unless there is a law enacted by the legislature or the court. Basically, murder is not illegal, because it’s evil or bad, but it’s illegal, because there’s such a written law in the book.

Natural law and natural rights originate from the nature of human beings and the world. As we are animals, we have the right to defend ourselves and our property. The real law stems from this right, not from the arbitrary power of the omnipotent state.

Natural law has objective external existence. It comes from ess (evolutionary stability strategy), which uses the natural forces of humans and similar animals. The ability to make moral judgments and understand good and evil has a direct evolutionary advantage: just as the ability to perceive three dimensions tells me when I stand on the edge of a cliff, the ability to understand good and evil also tells me if my partner is likely to cut his throat. For the same direct and simple reasons, it evolved in the same way as our ability to throw stones accurately.

The knowledge of natural law can only be obtained through rational consideration and from the fact that they agree with the essence of human nature.

Here is an example of the laws of nature:

(1) frequent contact with air, tap water, sea and seaside.

(2) parents are obliged to provide alimony for their minor children.

(3) equal treatment.

(4) the sanctity of human life.

(5) the relationship between stepparents and stepchildren.

(6) parents have the obligation to provide necessities for their minor children.

Although it is certain that many basic principles of common law and positive law are based on natural law, it must be pointed out that the so-called natural law is not a law at all, but only a collective organized life governed by the moral, moral or religious codes followed by the choice of civilization. Natural law cannot be used as a justification, justification, or legal defence to support a person’s conduct.

In science and physics, an example of the law of nature is the law of gravity.

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