Man drunk driving investigation faced inquiries revealed “double identity” detained for multiple violations

On the evening of January 22, a man from Danjiangkou, Hubei Province, who claimed to be Zhang, was arrested by traffic police for driving after drinking. In the face of traffic police inquiries, the man has shown a driver’s license does not belong to their own. After repeated questioning by the traffic police, the man finally told the truth.
The real name of the man who claimed to be Zhang was Chen and his driver’s license was revoked in 2011 due to the crime of causing traffic accident. Chen, whose driver’s license was revoked, picked up a driver’s license by accident during a walk, and then changed his photo to the driver’s license, pretending to be a driver, to continue driving. In order to deal with the traffic police inspection, Chen even recited the ID card number and registered permanent residence of Zhang, the original owner of the driver’s license, and prepared to drive as others for a long time.
That night, Chen was caught by traffic police for drunk driving, and once tried to continue to pass the test by pretending to be someone else. Don’t want to be moved by the traffic police. Check the identity and driver’s license information strictly. Facing the repeated questioning of the traffic police, Chen looks abnormal and falters. Under the persuasion of the traffic police, Chen realized the seriousness of the problem and began to cooperate with the traffic police to investigate and tell the truth. And to own drunk driving motor vehicles, without a license and use of the traffic license to make a confession.
At present, Chen has been detained by the public security organ according to law for many illegal acts, such as using forged and altered motor vehicle driving license, driving motor vehicles without valid motor vehicle driving license and driving motor vehicles after drinking alcohol. He will face 15 days’ detention and a fine of 7500 yuan. (Cheng Germany)

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