Minors return driving without a license

Can you drive without a license?
Can I drive after drinking?
The answer is: no!
Just recently,
Handan traffic police seized an unlicensed man
Drunk and still a minor driver!
That night, a mobile group of Handan traffic police set up cards at the intersection of Fuxi street and Lianfang street to carry out regular drunk driving rectification. At about 23:50, a black car suddenly turned right into the non motorized lane when approaching the control point. With keen intuition and rich law enforcement experience, the police immediately stopped the car.
When the window rolled down, seeing the green faces and dodging eyes of the driver and the copilot made the police suspicious. Through breath alcohol test, the result was 23mg / 100mL, which reached the alcohol driving standard. The police further asked him to show his driving license and check his driving license. At this time, the man panicked, confessed that he had not yet obtained his driving license, and said that he had passed the examination.
Police continue to ask for their ID card number to check personnel information, while the man repeatedly talked about him, saying that he forgot the ID card number for a while, and that he drank wine with his friends in the evening for a while. In the police repeatedly informed, the man refused to cooperate with the police work, not only can not show the relevant documents but also keep dialing, and then, the police decided to forcibly take the man to the local police station to verify the identity. At this time, the man’s emotional excitement continued to say, “I’m also a person, do you think it’s OK for you to treat me like this?”. However, it is imperative for the law to evade the inspection, and the man provides his own identity information in the police station. To the constable’s surprise, the young man was born in 2002. He was a 17-year-old child and had no qualification to apply for a driver’s license. In the face of two major violations of the law, the boy began to cry to the police: police uncle, I stole the car out, this matter must not tell my father! How to punish my active cooperation! I’m still a kid! I’m afraid of things
After investigation, the boy was very curious about driving motor vehicles on weekdays. He secretly drove his father’s car to have a meeting with friends at night when the discipline was not strict. He drank beer that night and drove his friends home after the meeting. The clinker was found by the police halfway. The police criticized and educated the boy on the spot, and informed him of the harm of driving without a license or after drinking. Under the guidance of the police, the boy realized his mistake and said that he just wanted to drive, but he put himself and others in danger and repented.
Finally, in accordance with the provisions of the road traffic safety law, the man will be fined 2000 yuan and his vehicle will be temporarily detained without a license or driving with alcohol. Because he is not an adult, the police will impose administrative detention (exemption from execution) on him, and order the parents to fulfill their guardianship responsibilities and strengthen the traffic safety education for the children. China’s traffic laws and regulations make it clear that a motor vehicle driver’s license must be at least 18 years old. Hope that all parents and guardians pay attention to the daily education of their children, especially the safety education and legal education, so as to create conditions for their children’s safe growth!

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