The man was found drunk and drove into the police station in panic

In order to avoid punishment, the drunk driving man actually hid in the police station and was caught by the traffic police on duty.

At noon on November 25, Chengan squadron police of Xinle Traffic Police Brigade set up temporary cards at the crossing of Chengqu microwave station to strictly inspect various traffic violations such as alcohol and drunk driving. Shortly after the operation, a small car with Ji a license plate slowly drove into the sight of the police. The car stopped suddenly when it was 100 meters away from the inspection point, and the trace was very suspicious. The police immediately went to check the situation.

When the driver of the car saw a policeman coming, he suddenly turned around and ran away in reverse direction. The policeman immediately drove to catch up with him and informed the police on duty in front of him to arrange control and intercept. After the driver found that there was a traffic police interception in front of him, he drove into the police station of Cheng’an town in a hurry. After the police arrived, he quickly controlled the driver.

After the driver rolled down the window, the smell of alcohol in the car caused the police to be alert. The police immediately carried out breath alcohol test on the driver. The test results showed that the alcohol content in the driver was 48mg / 100mL, which was an illegal act of driving a motor vehicle after drinking.

After further inquiry by the police, we learned that the driver Fu had a drink at his friend’s house at noon, thinking that he was not far away from home, and that there should be no traffic police inspection in the daytime, so he was lucky enough to drive on the road. Unexpectedly, he found that there was a traffic police inspection in front of him just a short distance away, and he was in a panic before he chose to escape.

The police severely criticized and educated the driver Fu, detained the car according to law, and imposed a fine of 1000 yuan, 12 points.

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