2019 international business and Legal Cooperation Forum opens in Changsha

China News Agency, Changsha, November 27 (reporter Tang Xiaoqing) the “2019 Forum on international commercial and legal cooperation” hosted by China Council for the promotion of international trade opened in Changsha, Hunan Province on November 27. Based on mutual learning and learning of trade rules, the forum promoted the integration of French and business, and attracted guests from 52 countries and regions, including China, Singapore, Mexico, Japan, the United States, Germany, Russia, etc.

Business leaders and people from all walks of life, such as justice, administration, arbitration, legal association, notarization, universities, enterprises, etc., participated in the conference to discuss legal policies for trade and investment, settlement of international commercial disputes, protection of intellectual property rights, enterprise compliance and other issues through focusing on the three main lines of legal communication, integration of law and commerce, and international cooperation.

Li Yuan, director general of Japan China Cooperation Center, wants to introduce the world’s most advanced elastin extraction technology into China and build a factory that can produce elastin raw materials and products in an integrated way. Currently, he is looking for a site. Changsha is one of the candidate cities.

“Elastin can be used not only in healthy food and cosmetics, but also in the prevention of arteriosclerosis. We use the most advanced technology to work with China to push it to the world. ” He said he would like to know the legal issues of foreign companies settling in China and pass them on to more Japanese companies so that they can enter the Chinese market at ease.

Tang Zhenhui, senior minister of administration of the Ministry of justice and health of Singapore, shared Singapore’s practices in the field of intellectual property protection. “Singapore has established sound laws to protect the rights of every business and everyone, regardless of their socio-economic status.” He suggested that governments could work together to strengthen the rule of law and legal systems and share information and experience with each other in terms of laws and rules.

“Strengthening international commercial and legal cooperation is China’s attitude and China’s action.” Shen Deyong, member of the CPC Central Committee and director of the social and Legal Affairs Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, said that in recent years, China has actively fulfilled its international commitments, established a legal system for trade and investment in line with WTO rules, practically improved its intellectual property protection system, attached great importance to the implementation of multilateral and bilateral trade agreements with other countries, and constantly improved its market-oriented, legal and convenient operation Business environment.

On the same day, the China International Trade Promotion Committee’s Commercial Law Center signed a cooperation agreement with Renmin University of China’s law school and other commercial and legal institutions such as Russia, Mexico and India, and issued three achievements: “China’s annual business compliance Bluebook”, “the belt and road” legal environment and legal risks of countries and regions, and the new professional report of compliance management professionals.

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