Airplane Crash Statistics

More than three million people around the world fly safely on commercial aircraft every day.
In 1998, the world’s commercial jet airlines carried approximately 1.3 billion people on 18 million flights while suffering only 10 fatal accidents.
The risk of being involved in a commercial jet aircraft accident where there are multiple fatalities is approximately one in three million.
Thirty years ago, fatal accidents on commercial jetliners occurred approximately once in every 140 million miles flown. Today, it’s 1.4 billion miles flown for every fatal accident – a ten-fold safety improvement.
The number of U.S. highway deaths in a typical six-month period – about 21,000 – roughly equals all commercial jet fatalities worldwide since the dawn of jet aviation four decades ago.
Fewer people have died in commercial airplane accidents in America over the past 60 years than are killed in U.S. auto accidents in a typical three-month period.
Commercial air carriers accounted for 604 fatalities, over half of the 1,157 aviation accident-related fatalities in 2001.

Airplane accidents occur in a variety of different situations. While the most common aviation accidents are those involving commercial airlines, many accidents occur with private airplanes, as well as commercial and private helicopters. A general overview of aviation law can inform passengers of their rights in cases of accidents involving all types of aircraft.

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