Mysterious illness of unknown cause in the U.S.

If one child in a school has an infectious disease, other children may be infected. This is a problem that schools, parents and children have always faced from time to time. According to foreign media reports, more than 40 schools in the 51st school district of Mesa County, Colorado, have all closed, in addition to some other public facilities. The reason was that the students could not stop vomiting, but the cause was unknown.
The Mesa County Public Health Department issued a statement explaining the reasons for the suspension and notifying parents that children will be allowed to return to their schools after the Thanksgiving holiday. The notice explained that “there were several vomiting incidents in public places in the school” and the school district hopes to stop the spread of the disease before it expands further.
The statement reads: “Students have now left the classroom, but we need everyone to take additional precautions.” “The cause of the disease is not clear at present, but it lasts between 12-24 hours and behaves like Nuo Walker virus (which can cause epidemic gastroenteritis). Laboratory tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis, and the health department is actively looking for samples that can provide an accurate diagnosis, and the community has been asked to collect stool samples from patients. “

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