Work-Zone Accident And Construction Zone Background

Work-Zone Accident

A work-zone accident is a traffic accident in which the first harmful event occurs within the boundaries of a work zone or on an approach to or exit from a work zone, resulting from an activity, behavior, or control related to the movement of the traffic units through the work zone.

Construction Zone Background

Current methods for obtaining construction zone accident data are totally inadequate. Lack of reasonably accurate accident information obtained from police and public agencies responsible for work zone safety is evidence that, for the most part, these agencies are not doing their mandated job. For years, 500 worker deaths per year in work zone traffic accidents was the number relied upon. The Transportation Research Board’s SHRP research program used that figure to establish a research program priority.

Work-zone fatalities rose to an all-time high of 833 in 1994. While the number of fatalities in work zones has declined each year since then, the 771 fatalities in 1995 and 719 fatalities in 1996, are still a major concern and point out the need for continuous emphasis on work-zone safety. Approximately 55 percent of work-zone fatalities occur in rural areas, and 25 percent of the 719 work-zone fatalities in 1996 involved large trucks. In addition to these fatalities, approximately 37,000 injuries resulted from motor-vehicle crashes in work zones in 1996.

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