Children need special protection when they ride in motor vehicles

The leading cause of death of children between the ages of 4 and 14 is automobile accidents.

Since March of 1998, four major manufacturers of child safety seats have announced five recalls that involved nearly 10 million car seats that were determined to be unsafe by federal regulators. According to a recent survey, the use of child safety seat restraints is misused in 73% of the traffic accidents. Defective child restraints, such as car seats and booster seats, can lead to serious injury and even death.

Children need special protection when they ride in motor vehicles. This is because their bodies are more delicate than ours, and, therefore, more susceptible to injury. Children are small, and their musculo -skeletal systems are not fully developed. Their skulls are more fragile, and their heads are larger. In order to protect them in a car, we must be aware of these physical differences. We must also recognize that vehicle seats and safety belts were built for the comfort and protection of adults, and not to secure small children.  When children are properly restrained in a vehicle, their chance of being seriously injured or killed in a highway crash is greatly reduced.

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