The main sources of ground water contamination

Seventy-four pesticides have been detected in the ground water of 38 states

Ground water is found underground, usually between rock and saturated soil. Ground water supplies wells and springs used as a source of drinking water for cities and communities have become a breeding ground for strange bacteria known to cause illness in human beings all over the U.S. When groundwater is contaminated, it becomes unsafe for human consumption.

The main sources of ground water contamination are:

  • Storage tanks – leaking storage tanks can contaminate groundwater
  • Septic systems – improperly maintained septic systems can leach into groundwater
  • Hazardous waste sites – barrels of hazardous waste laying around at an abandoned site can leak into the groundwater
  • Landfills – hazardous materials may contaminate groundwater if the protective layer of a landfill is cracked
  • Chemicals and road salts – chemicals used on crops and lawns, as well as road salts (used to melt ice on roads during wintertime) can contaminate groundwater

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