Industrial accidents can result in severe injuries

Everyday in America, numerous industrial, manufacturing and refinery workers are killed or maimed due to the negligent conduct on the part of their employer or the negligence of a third party company The Workman’s Compensation Statutes exist in order to compensate victims of industrial accidents.

When an employer does not fix a problem that they know poses a risk to the employees they can be held responsible. Industrial accidents can result in severe injuries, including, amputations, disfigurement (scars and burns), spinal cord injury, head injury, fatalities and other physical and emotional traumas.

Industrial and manufacturing plant accident injuries commonly are due to falls from ladders and scaffolding, crane accidents, toxic chemical exposures, asbestos exposures, falls from roofs, falls in holes without guarding or barricades, electrocutions, lack of catch nets, back injury due to heavy lifting, and personal injuries from being hit by falling objects in refineries, warehouses and construction sites. Many other workers are injured while using defective or dangerous products including scaffolding, cranes, power tools derricks, hoists, conveyors, woodworking tools, ladders, winches, trucks, graters, scraper, tractors, bulldozers, forklifts, as well as many other types of equipment found at or near industrial, refinery and factory workers.

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