Internet Lawyer can help you with answers to the challenges you will face in today’s Internet economy

Internet technology literally changes on a daily basis. With so many new changes happening every day at record speeds, so comes with these changes Internet disputes among companies and individuals about Internet technologies.

Over the next very few years, virtually every business in every industry will have to re-invent itself as an e-business. New Internet businesses are emerging every day, joining an Internet economy in which it will be increasingly difficult to survive without cutting-edge business practices and first-class professional support. An Internet Lawyer can help you with answers to the challenges you will face in today’s Internet economy.

Internet Disputes include:

  • Domain name disputes
  • Copyright infringement
  • Trade-Mark infringement
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Defamation on the Internet
  • Private international law/conflict of laws
  • Electronic signatures
  • Encryption
  • Web-based contracts, contests and promotions
  • SPAM protection
  • Strategic business alliances
  • Counseling on and prevention of security breaches, intrusions and related cybercrimes ;
  • Seizing materials stolen from a web site;
  • Guiding responses to subpoenas for Internet users’ names and other personally identifiable information;
  • Advising on antitrust matters such as cooperation among competitors in the Internet context;
  • Managing electronic records and data issues;
  • Preparing and filing US and foreign patent applications on various Internet technologies and business methods;
  • Preparing click-wrap and user license arguments for web sites and software;
  • Licensing hardware and software, including copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets;
  • Outsourcing computer hardware and services;
  • Innovative financing arrangements for Internet start-ups;
  • Negotiating web site hosting agreements;
  • Preparing electronic records retention and Internet policies; and
  • Advising on Internet tax issues
  • Dispute resolution and litigation prevention;
  • Litigation preparedness programs and computer litigation.

Internet Lawyer

An Internet lawyer Attorney’s can help you in the registration and protection of domain names and the content on websites (or web sites), marketing of web-sites, content agreements, website advertising, the use of music and video clips on the internet, e-commerce, copyright issues, and commercial advertising disputes.

An Internet domain name can qualify as a trademark or service mark under certain conditions. E-commerce, hyperlinks, domain names, telemedicine, and financial transactions over the world-wide-web all require advice from a knowledgeable Internet lawyer.

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