Motorcycle Accidents Statistics

Three quarters of accidents involve a collision with another vehicle, which is most often a passenger automobile.

A quarter of accidents involve no other vehicle

Mechanical failure accounts for less than 3% of accidents and is most often due to a puncture flat.

Rider error is the cause of two thirds of single vehicle accidents with the typical error being a slideout and fall.

Roadway defects cause 2% of accidents.

Animals are involved in 1% of accidents.

Two thirds of multiple vehicle accidents are caused when the other vehicle violates a right of way.

The majority of accidents are caused by the failure of motorists to see motorcycles in traffic.

The most frequent configuration is the motorcycle proceeding straight when a car makes a left turn in front of the oncoming motorcycle.

Intersections are the most frequent place for an accident.

Weather is a factor in only 2% of accidents.

Most accidents involve a short trip close to the trip origin.

In almost half of the multiple vehicle accidents the view of one of the drivers is obscured.

Accidents are reduced by the use of headlamps in daylight and the wearing of high visibility jackets.

Over 60% of accidents result in fuel system leaks and spills causing a fire hazard.

The average speed of an accident is less than 30mph.

Riders between the ages of 16 and 24 are more likely to be involved in an accident and those between the ages of 30 and 50 are significantly underrepresented.

Motorcycle riders with dirt bike experience are underrepresented.

A half of fatal accidents have alcohol involvement.

Large displacement motorcycles are less likely to be involved in accidents but are associated with more severe injuries

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