Patent Lawyer – Design Patent ,Utility Patent ,Patent Search

Since the preparation of a patent application is a time consuming process, and sometimes an inventor will want to file as quickly as possible. It is wise to consult a knowledgeable patent attorney to protect the rights for something that you have invested your time to invent.

Patent Lawyer – Design Patent

A design patent protects the look of an item.   It is granted to protect the overall appearance of an invention and is good for 14 years from the date of the issuance of the patent.

Patent Lawyer – Utility Patent

A utility patent protects the functionality of an invention.  It is granted for any new, useful and non-obvious process, machine, manufactured article, composition of matter, and to new and useful improvements of inventions.  A utility patent is good for 20 years from the date of filing, and our attorneys can assist you with this process.

Patent Lawyer – Patent Search

Without a patent obtained by the inventor, with or without the help of attorneys others can make, sell and import your invention, without your permission, and avoid paying you any compensation, royalties or license fees. To properly apply for and protect your invention, it is advisable that you have an attorney perform a patent search.

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