Typical Spinal Cord Claims

Auto Accidents: In these situations, insurance policies of the drivers may cover the costs of the injury and rehabilitation. Issues of fault may or may not be relevant depending on the state.

Victims of Violence : If your injury is a result of a violent attack, like a shooting, you may be entitled to legal compensation for your injuries. For example, if the attack took place in a shopping mall parking lot, the shopping mall may be responsible for damages.

Slips and Falls: if the fall took place on a construction site or on someone’s property, the owners may be responsible (even if the owner is a family member). Also, defective products such as ladders may not be designed with sufficient safety features. In many of these cases, the injured person may be entitled to legal compensation.

Sports-related accidents: (accounting for 6% of cases) are often related to diving accidents. If the injury is at a swimming pool, the homeowner’s insurance policy or the managers of the pool may provide compensation.

In all of these cases, it is difficult to tell where responsibility and liability lie. An experienced lawyer can help you determine what legal compensation is available.


Quadriplegia (also known as Tetraplegia ) generally describes the condition of a person with a spinal cord injury that is at a level from C1 to T1. This type of injury often results in a loss of feeling and/or movement in the head, neck, shoulder, arms and/or upper chest.


Paraplegia is the general term describing the condition of a person who has lost feeling and/or is not able to move the lower parts of his/her body. The body parts that may be affected are the chest, stomach, hips, legs and feet. An individual with a level of injury from T2 to S5 has paraplegia.

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