Every year over 5,000 car drivers and passengers are killed in accidents involving trucks and over 500 truck drivers receive fatal injuries.

Trucking accidents have an increased chance of injury occurring because during a trucking accident a truck is unable to remain upright. Truck accidents can be deadly as they often involve large trucks pitted against smaller vehicles.  This is especially true for large trucks – those commercial vehicles that weigh more than 10,000 pounds. Truck drivers do not have the same visibility and quick reaction maneuverability that smaller vehicles have, which contributes to trucking accidents.

There are safety regulations that are intended to help prevent trucking accidents from occurring, however violations of safety recommendations greatly increase the risk of trucking accidents. Truck drivers must assume responsibility to take all measures to avoid trucking accidents and putting other drivers on the road in risk of becoming injured because of a trucking accident. Due to the large size of trucks, a trucking accident can greatly endanger the lives of other smaller vehicles unnecessarily when truck operators fail to consider proper trucking accident prevention.

In 2000 alone, nearly 460,000 large trucks were involved in traffic crashes, in which 5,100 people were killed and an additional 140,000 were injured. Motorists that share the highway with large trucks are seriously disadvantaged in the event of an accident. In crashes involving large trucks, car occupants — usually the driver — sustain nearly 80 percent of the fatal injuries.

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