Court Reporter Dismissed For Committing Identity Theft

Court Reporters or Stenographers are officers of the Court charged with the responsibility of producing a true, accurate and complete record of court proceedings. In thus stands to reason that if a Court Reporter is involved in criminal activity demonstrating fraud or dishonesty he/she could lose his/her job as a Court Reporter. Indeed, yesterday in Matter of Association of Surrogates, & Supreme Ct. Reporters v State of New York Unified Ct. Sys., 2008 NY Slip Op 01014, the First Department held that a Court Reporter was properly dismissed for being convicted of identity theft and credit card fraud in New Jersey. While the Court Reporter argued that she was being discriminated against, the Court stated that Correction Law §§ 752, 753 permits the discharge of employees where, “there is a direct relationship between the criminal offense and the specific employment.” And the Court stated that it was rational to conclude that there was such a direct relationship between the Court Reporter’s convictions and her employment.

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