New York Legal Update Expands Coverage

The fall is approaching. To me the fall is the true beginning of the year as it brings so many associations of returning to another year of classes, whether at university or law school.  Law school is a formative experience for law students, and most lawyers have intense memories (whether good or bad) of their alma mater. I also believe that it is important to stay in touch with the academic world. Thought, ideas, debate should never recede too far into the background of the mind.

Thus, New York Legal Update will begin to cover major news and announcements from the State’s law schools. Such coverage will include items as major faculty appointments, new curricula and academic research, law school events, controversies on campus, expansion of facilities, etc. I obviously will not be able to cover everything happening at the State’s law schools, but I hope to cover enough for interesting reading. I have created a new category located in the upper left sidebar entitled Law School News where such items will be filed and can be found.

I am also developing a Legal Events Calendar where a variety of events of interest to the legal community will be posted: lectures, seminars, CLE courses, bar association meetings etc. I also hope to be able to enable this feature so that others can post relevant events. This feature is still a way off, so stay tuned for a further announcement about its launch.

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