Unlawful Surveillance At The Legal Aid Society

Are lawyers any less perverted than the rest of society? Probably not, and maybe, just maybe, they are more so. Take the small example of attorney Peter A. Barta who was disbarred yesterday by the First Department – Matter of Barta, 2008 NY Slip Op 00071.

Mr. Barta was an attorney who was employed by the Legal Aid Society. He admitted that during the period from approximately May 25, 2004 through September 30, 2004 he intentionally used an imaging device to surreptitiously record and review a person dressing or undressing in the offices at the Legal Aid Society. He thus pleaded guilty to unlawful surveillance in the second degree (Penal Law § 250.45). Because unlawful surveillance in the second degree, is a class E felony, Mr. Barta lost his license to practice under Judiciary Law § 90(4)(b),(e).

I guess you never know who or where someone might be watching you. And a question: Why are people dressing and undressing at the Legal Aid Society? What is going on there?

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