Honor the Treaties: Street Art Pushes for Accountability

Striking images of the Pine Ridge reservation have hit the streets in a collaboration between photographer Aaron Huey and visual artists Shephard Fairey  and Ernesto Yerena. The three posters are bringing Tribal concerns into the public eye, attracting attention in the blogosphere, and instigating a contemporary conversation about sovereignty.

Huey’s photography has extensively documented life in Tribal communities, and his talk at TEDxDU detailed the history of treaty violation between the Sioux Nation and the Federal Government. He asserts that all work towards progress and development in Indian Country takes place under the shadow of broken promises, with these art works seeking to combat the perception that the treaties are a thing of the past. Citing health and development disparities the artists are donating proceeds from the project to benefit education about Native issues, including Huey’s Pine Ridge Billboard Project and allied organizations.

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