Sometimes people who have been bitten by a dog (or any other animal) do not want to bring a legal action against the owner of the animal because they are concerned that doing so will lead to financial difficulties, especially if the owner is a neighbor. However, in many cases,Read More →

Arbitrators are usually lawyers, child psychologists, or former judges who act as neutral decision makers for those who cannot reach the right outcome on their own situation. Unlike mediators, arbitrators have the right to make binding decisions for both parties when they agree to arbitration proceedings. The arbitrator’s award isRead More →

Can also be found in: synonyms financial encyclopedia. Natural lawn. An institution of moral and ethical principles considered inherent in nature or to be inferred separately from reason, usually in contrast to positive laws. Natural law 1. (Philosophy) an ethical belief or belief system considered inherent and discoverable in humanRead More →

This article only considers the theory of natural law as the theory of law. This is not to say that legal theory can be fully recognized and pursued independent of moral and political theory. There is no denying that the valuable natural law theory is more concerned with the basicRead More →

Restorative justice emphasizes the restoration of the harm caused by criminal acts, which is worth exploring. The focus is on examining the victims’ life experiences in an environment involving a certain community, not just two warring parties, and developing a compensation and treatment plan, as well as preventing future injuries.Read More →