If you are under 18, you cannot buy adult fireworks. It is illegal for anyone to set off fireworks between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m., unless in some cases. Adult fireworks fall into categories 2 and 3 – excluding things like party whistles. Category 4 fireworks can only be usedRead More →

To help you better understand California’s laws about unfair competition, our California Personal Injury lawyers discuss the following: 1. What is unfair competition? 2. Who can sue California for unfair competition? 3. What is the remedy for unfair competition? 4. What are the statutes of limitations for unfair competition inRead More →

Commercial and professional regulations 17200 17209 is California’s unfair competition law, explained by personal injury lawyers. Personal injury lawyer Neil Shouse explained that California’s anti-unfair competition law prohibits companies from engaging in false advertising and other anti-competitive business practices. If an individual or a competitor is harmed by another company’sRead More →

The legal concept of medical malpractice is not limited to the behavior of doctors, but also applies to anyone within the scope of employment, such as nurses, anesthesiologists, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies and other people providing medical services. The main purpose of malpractice litigation is to prove the fault thatRead More →

Sometimes people who have been bitten by a dog (or any other animal) do not want to bring a legal action against the owner of the animal because they are concerned that doing so will lead to financial difficulties, especially if the owner is a neighbor. However, in many cases,Read More →