International law, also known as national public international law, is a system of legal rules, norms and standards applicable between sovereign states and other entities legally recognized as international actors. The word was coined by the British philosopher Jeremy Bentham . Definition and scope According to Bentham’s classic definition, internationalRead More →

In the trade and tariff negotiations of the 19th century, the protection of intellectual property rights at the international level has become an important issue. One of the first international treaties related to intellectual property is the International Convention for the protection of industrial property, also known as the ParisRead More →

Infringement of intellectual property law refers to unauthorized use of intellectual property rights of individuals or companies. Article 1, paragraph 8, of the constitution of the United States grants Congress a clear mandate to give authors and inventors exclusive rights to all their creations. Section 8 also gives Congress theRead More →

Copyright Copyright protects any type of expressive art, such as text, music, movies, architecture, and other primitive intellectual and artistic expressions. Copyright grants the owner the exclusive right to reproduce his work, publicly display, perform and create derivative works of the work. Unless theories or ideas are recorded in aRead More →

In its early planning, the University of California, Irvine, focused on environmental law, building on the long-term commitment of universities and law schools to interdisciplinary research on environmental issues. Through its powerful environmental college, new environmental law clinic and active land, environment and natural resource center, UCI law has rapidlyRead More →

The U.S. – born skilled workers’ group has asked temporary workers to visa their spouses for employment under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rules, violating labor market competition, the U.S. appeals court in the District of Columbia said Friday. Dominating. After the Federal District Court approved DHS’s campaign forRead More →