If you are considering a law school, you will need to take the Law School Entrance Examination (LSAT). The Law School uses your grades on the LSAT as a key indicator of your performance at the law school. Based on this assessment, which also includes your average grades and otherRead More →

Law school admissions advisers are usually divided into three camps. Focus on law school admissions consultants only Admissions consultants, including law schools, who provide admissions advice to colleges and graduate schools LSAT preparatory company providing enrollment consulting services Although our admissions consultant doesn’t think it’s important to use an admissionsRead More →

It’s no secret that law school enrollment is a digital driven process. The most important number of law schools is that your comprehensive and total scores form a key part of your application and play an important role in the review process. Of all your applications, LSAT is usually consideredRead More →

Restorative justice emphasizes the restoration of the harm caused by criminal acts, which is worth exploring. The focus is on examining the victims’ life experiences in an environment involving a certain community, not just two warring parties, and developing a compensation and treatment plan, as well as preventing future injuries.Read More →