International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is a branch of public international law. In order to fully understand the work and operation of humanitarian law, it is important to understand the basic structure, principles and rules of public international law. Public international law is the practice of regulating and regulating relations betweenRead More →

The theory of natural law tries to interpret law as a phenomenon. In order to make it effective, it must conform to the higher standard of law based on morality. There are two basic types of natural law theory, one is the higher law (Theology) set by God revealed byRead More →

Puerto Rico is the only property in the United States that has its legal system operating primarily in languages ​​other than American English (ie Spanish). However, since the US federal government primarily operates in English, the result is that all Puerto Rican lawyers must be bilingual in order to fileRead More →

Public international law (or national law) is a series of customary or conventional rules, which is regarded as legally binding by civilized countries in their interactions, and only involves the rights and obligations of sovereign countries. Private international law (or conflict of laws) can be defined as a rule chosenRead More →

People’s understanding of the environment is far earlier than the law of environmental protection. Environmental law, sometimes referred to as environment and natural resources law, is a term used to interpret laws, regulations, local, national and international legislation and treaties designed to protect the environment from harm and to explainRead More →

In its early planning, the University of California, Irvine, focused on environmental law, building on the long-term commitment of universities and law schools to interdisciplinary research on environmental issues. Through its powerful environmental college, new environmental law clinic and active land, environment and natural resource center, UCI law has rapidlyRead More →

Meaning Procedural law is the law that regulates the practice, procedure and mechanism of implementing rights and obligations. Substantive law is the law that provides for the rights and obligations of the parties. Government How to conduct legal cases? How should people behave? Focus on Ways and means of implementingRead More →

The importance of Internet law is increasing every year. This is because cybercrime is on the rise. In order to combat these crimes, the network law has emerged the latest trend. These trends include: New and stricter regulations. Strengthen existing laws. Increased awareness of privacy issues. Cloud computing. How easyRead More →

The US immigration system is mainly based on family reunion, on-demand work skills and capital investment to grant immigration status. The immigration system also covers refugees and asylum seekers, and provides a “lottery” for those who are in urgent need of immigration to improve their immigration status. The process ofRead More →