The Muscogee Creek Nation (currently located in Oklahoma) is demanding that the Poarch Band of Creek Indians (currently located in Alabama) halt plans to build a mega-casino on sacred land in Wetumpka, Alabama.  The site for the new mega-casino is located on the Muscogee Creek Nation’s ancestral land–specifically, a grave siteRead More →

(by Kathryn Holt) The research on this subject is from pictures taken by Edward Curtis in the 1800s from a Tluwulahu Mask. In several Coastal cultures the loon was considered sacred and was thought to embody the spirit of old allies, signified by the haunting wailing sound of its cries. TheRead More →

Northwest Coastal Native Americans were highly skilled in carving canoes, weaving baskets, hats and making bentwood cedar boxes for storage. The various Northwest Native American peoples held a potlach to commemorate status, celebrate dedications and mark events to celebrate and/or confirm ancestry. On this bentwood box sketch a bear andRead More →

Tobacco companies won a significant victory last Friday against claims by non-smokers that the companies should have warned them of the health risks of environmental tobacco smoke. The Appellate Division, Fourth Department held any such claims that tobacco companies were negligent in failing to warn nonsmokers of the health risksRead More →