Symptoms of “dead jaw” include irregular sore with exposed bone, pain or swelling in the infected jaw, infection, possibly with pus, altered sensation – numbness or a heavy sensation. The highest risk factors for ONJ are: 1) taking bisphosphonates, especially in IV form. 2) concurrent use of steroids. 3) previousRead More →

More Americans die every year from an adverse reaction to a prescription medication than they do from illegal drug use. Fosamax is a medicine in the bisphosphonates family that is prescribed widely to prevent bone loss or the decrease of bone density. It is commonly used by post-menopausal women. FosamaxRead More →

Children are more likely to be bitten than any other segment of the population More than 40 percent of severe bite victims are children under age 11 More than half of all children will be victims of a dog bite by the time they reach age 12 Annually an estimatedRead More →

The Consumer Protection Safety Commission estimates the number of serious injuries on amusement park rides that are severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room have raised to almost 5000 each year. Claims form injuries sustained during a trip to an amusement park range from food poisoning, toRead More →

Litigation is the act of referring a case to a court for settlement of a dispute. The term describes the actual legal process in which parties argue with each other in our court system. The parties involved in the case are called litigants. The parties brought together the arguments supportedRead More →

The increase in the number of international arbitrations, the value of disputes and the costs involved in the arbitration process have increased the pressure on the successful settlement of disputes. The arbitrators face the threat of guerrilla tactics or cancellation of the arbitral award due to the violation of dueRead More →

Meaning Procedural law is the law that regulates the practice, procedure and mechanism of implementing rights and obligations. Substantive law is the law that provides for the rights and obligations of the parties. Government How to conduct legal cases? How should people behave? Focus on Ways and means of implementingRead More →