Youth advocacy and policy experts recently announced a study that shows Native American children are not only three times more likely to be placed in the foster care system but also fare much worse than other children nationally. The phrase “fare worse” refers to reports that show that children of color are treated more poorly thanRead More →

A typical Borrower at Closing: I’m being charged $100 for a “document preparation fee.” What the @#%^!$ is a “document preparation fee.” I was never told about that! One can easily imagine such statements being made at many real estate closings. I myself remember my first closing on a mortgageRead More →

CPLR 6501 provides that a Notice of Pendency may be filed in any action “in which the judgment demanded would affect the title to, or the possession, use or enjoyment of, real property.” Last Tuesday, in Board of Mgrs. of Woodpoint Plaza Condominium v Woodpoint Plaza, LLC, 2007 NY SlipRead More →