Both serious and non-serious injuries to belted occupants. For example, if one belted occupant walks away while another belted occupant is paralyzed or suffers a serious head injury. An injured occupant is found wearing a loose-fitting seat belt. An occupant is found unbelted but either the occupant or other passengerRead More →

Common Injuries Incurred from Defective Seat Belts Traumatic Brain Injury Closed Head Trauma Other types of Head and Brain Injuries Spinal Cord Injuries Paraplegia Quadriplegia Seat Belt Failures and Defects Include: Seat Belt Buckle Inertially Unlatching During Rollover or Collision Shoulder Belt Retractors that skip or fail to hold under loadRead More →

Many of the recurrent accidents that take place on state and local roads are the result of: Berm and shoulder drop offs:   A berm area which is two inches or more beneath the surface of the traveling roadway is a possible hazardous area. Isolated ice patches:   Isolated iceRead More →

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals an incredible number of recalls and/or safety concerns for many baby seats/carriers. Even when child safety seats are recalled, it is often extremely difficult to get the unsafe child seats off the streets. In 1993, the recall completion rate stood at aRead More →

When a manufacturer designs, produces, or installs an airbag incorrectly, serious injuries and/or death can occur. Some types of defective airbags include the following: Overly-aggressive air bags. When air bags are overly aggressive, they deploy too fast (sometimes at speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour) and too farRead More →

When people sustain serious injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents, it can be devastating. They often wonder who is going to pay their medical bills and how will they support their families during the time they are recovering. After an auto accident gather all necessary information involving allRead More →