Language Maltese and English are the official languagesL English is the main official language of Malta, and English is used in all official languages, documents and teaching. Maltese belongs to the amphibole family of the afiro Asiatic family. More than 300000 people (about 1 million Maltese people around the world)Read More →

In 5000 BC, large-scale human activities began in Malta. Malta giant Stone temple is the first building built by splicing technology in the world, and also one of the remains of the largest stone age temple in Europe, which has a long history than the Egyptian pyramid. Phoenicians settled hereRead More →

The best travel season in Malta is in spring and autumn every year. The temperature at this time will make people feel very comfortable. In this period of time, there will be less rain, and the weather is also very sunny. It is absolutely not suitable to go out andRead More →

Malta is located in the middle of the Mediterranean, close to Italy. It is the largest archipelago in the Mediterranean. It has a typical subtropical Mediterranean climate with mild climate and evergreen seasons. Malta, as the heart of the Mediterranean, attracts nearly 1.7 million European tourists every year. During theRead More →

Politics Regime Malta is a republic with a neutral policy. In September 1998, after the KMT came to power, the internal and external policies of Malta were greatly adjusted, and a series of reform measures were carried out in the fields of finance, finance, taxation, justice, education and health care.Read More →

Administrative division There are 68 local councils in the country, including 54 in Malta and 14 in Gozo. Malta is divided into six statistical regions: south port area of 26 square kilometers; north port area of 74 square kilometers; north port area of 24 square kilometers; southeast area of 50Read More →

Regional location Malta is located in southern Europe, adjacent to Italy, 90 km south of Sicily, 284 km east of Tunisia and 333 km north of Libya. It is an important transfer station between Europe and Africa. In terms of military strategy, Malta, as a naval base, has become anRead More →

Malta, a tiny republic country in southern Europe, is an island country in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, known as “the heart of the Mediterranean” and “the village of Europe”. The official languages are Maltese and English, the capital Valletta. Most of the residents believe in Catholics, while aRead More →