Internet technology literally changes on a daily basis. With so many new changes happening every day at record speeds, so comes with these changes Internet disputes among companies and individuals about Internet technologies. Over the next very few years, virtually every business in every industry will have to re-invent itselfRead More →

An experienced Immigration Lawyer can help you understand your Immigration options, make choices and take actions that will help put your Immigration troubles behind. We get you in contact with experienced Immigration lawyers in your state. We help solve immigration problems We help Understand your options and be at easeRead More →

Immigration Services Include the Following Categories: B1 Business Visitor B2 Pleasure Visitor Citizenship Criminal Issues and Inadmissibility (We deal with these issues regularly) E-1 Investor (Trader) Visa E-2 Investor Visa EB1A People of Extraordinary Ability EB1B Professors and Researchers EB1C Executives and Managers EB2 Professionals with Advanced Degrees EB3 Professionals,Read More →

Everyday throughout the world a person in seriously injured or killed as a result of a helicopter crash or aviation accident. Helicopter accidents are an exceptionally difficult area of Aviation Law due to the technical complexity of the aircraft.  In the typical helicopter crash, many different causes of action may existRead More →

Guidant Recall – Quick Facts Indianapolis-based Guidant has recalled 136,950 Guidant Defibrillators and Pacemakers. The company said about 63,000 of the devices had been implanted, with nearly 50,000 still in use. Guidant stated that the devices could, without warning, develop a short circuit that would prevent them from delivering theRead More →

More than 200 chemical contaminants have been identified in ground water. Ground water contamination usually arises when individuals have wells. In those circumstances, the ground aquifer is contaminated with the specific chemical or chemicals released by the responsible party. This material then develops into a plume and infiltrates the variousRead More →

Groundwater contamination can have serious health effects of an acute or chronic nature. Acute side effects of groundwater contamination include: Nausea and vomiting Diarrhea Headaches Legionnaire’s Disease – a respiratory disease characterized by pneumonia, headache, and dry cough Eye irritation Nose irritation Chronic Side Effects of Ground Water Contamination Include:Read More →