Every 15 seconds someone suffers a brain injury. Bicycle Accident Quick Facts? Nearly one million children are injured each year in bicycle related accidents. 49% of all bicycle fatalities occur to children under the age of sixteen. Head injuries account for 75% of all serious injuries and deaths. While collisionsRead More →

Scientific evidence has confirmed that beryllium is a human carcinogen and a number of large epidemiological studies have shown an increased risk of lung cancer among those exposed to beryllium. An estimated 18,000 workers may be exposed to beryllium and beryllium oxide in the workplace. Beryllium (Be – atomic numberRead More →

Back and neck injuries are, according to health agencies are the most common reason for missed work, and one of the most common complaints made to doctors. Auto and motorcycle accidents are the leading causes of back and neck injuries in the United States. Back and neck injuries can resultRead More →

AMUSEMENT PARK INJURY – Mechanical Failures Mechanical failures associated with amusement ride-related incidents included missing safety pins, broken welds or structural components, exposed electrical wires, broken drive chains, malfunctioning lap bars or other safety restraints, failure to shutoff, improper detachment of cars, and improper detachment of structural components. AMUSEMENT PARKRead More →

The Consumer Protection Safety Commission estimates the number of serious injuries on amusement park rides that are severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room have raised to almost 5000 each year. Claims form injuries sustained during a trip to an amusement park range from food poisoning, toRead More →