CAN A DENTIST BE SUED? Yes. A Dentist is a health care professional providing care for a patient, as does a physician. There is a duty imposed upon the Dentist to practice dentistry at the standard of care in his/her specialty. A breach of this duty that results in injuryRead More →

The legal definition of dental malpractice varies from state to state. Dental malpractice is a form of malpractice dealing with injuries that occur during a visit to the dentist. Generally speaking, in order for someone to have a viable dental malpractice claim, the dental provider must have committed an actRead More →

Crashes in which a vehicle rolled over accounted for more than half of all single-vehicle crash deaths. (NHTSA) Every year hundreds of people are injured as a result of defective or dangerous seatbelts and seat belt accidents. Seatbelts perform a central role in occupant protection. Properly designed seatbelts should restrainRead More →

There are currently no nationally recognized definitions of work zones or work-zone accidents Every state has its own unique definitions of these items. This makes it impossible to determine the nationwide impact of road construction on the safety of the traveling public. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is currently involvedRead More →

Burn Symptoms and Side Effects: The swelling and blistering characteristic of burns is caused by the loss of fluid from damaged blood vessels. In severe cases, such fluid loss can cause shock, requiring immediate transfusion of the patient with blood or a physiological salt solution to restore adequate fluid levelsRead More →