A broad concept that describes the substantive law governing transactions between business entities, except for the carriage of goods by sea (as stipulated by Admiralty and Maritime Law). Commercial law covers all aspects of business, including advertising and marketing, collection and bankruptcy, banking, contracts, negotiable instruments, secured transactions and generalRead More →

Organizations need a lot of investment. Due to the huge investment, the risks involved are also high. When it comes to big business, two important limitations of partnership are limited resources and unlimited liability for partnerships. Partnerships in the form of companies have become popular to overcome the problems ofRead More →

Unless otherwise stated, this article is based on UK law of February 1, 2010. Companies come in many different shapes and sizes. There are key differences between what they can and can’t do, and what each object is designed for. But everyone is an independent legal entity, independent of itsRead More →

It regulates and resolves special issues related to maritime navigation and commerce in relation to and arising from the practice of the Maritime Court (a court that exercises jurisdiction over all contracts, violations, crimes or injuries in maritime law). The sailor’s life is far from the stability of the landRead More →

Labor law is a big deal. For lawyers representing companies and their employees, this makes it a big business. Labor lawyers engage in important work that affects many people. It is important to fully understand the law and help clients understand their rights, obligations and possible outcomes of any proposedRead More →

If you are treated unfairly or have problems, you can get help. This includes the following questions: You can call the hotline for advice. They can also forward your complaint to a local trade standards official who can then investigate on your behalf. Contact the public for advice. Citizen consultationRead More →

Consumer protection in the UK is achieved through a variety of bills, statutory instruments, government agencies and departments, and citizen lobby groups to ensure that the market economy produces the fairness and quality of the goods and services people buy. The main areas of regulating consumer affairs include: Make theRead More →

Consumer Protection Law is a federal and state regulation that deals with sales and credit practices involving consumer goods. Such regulations prohibit and regulate fraudulent or unreasonable advertising and sales practices, product quality, credit financing and reporting, debt collection, leasing, and other aspects of consumer transactions. The goal of theRead More →