Under Illinois law, a landlord must disclose certain information to a tenant (usually in a lease or lease agreement), such as a rental benefit. For a complete list, see Illinois asking landlords to disclose. Illinois law does not limit the amount of money landlords can collect. However, it does limitRead More →

The landlord Leasing Act covers every law and right that every landlord and every tenant has in their particular state. Both parties need to know the basic knowledge of rental housing, how to collect or pay the deposit, the basic knowledge of fair housing law, etc. From the landlord’s perspective,Read More →

As a landlord, your obvious right is to collect rent for the use of the property. Another important right is to return your property to you intact at the end of the agreement. Except for normal wear and tear, it shall be returned in the same state as it wasRead More →

If the landlord loses the lawsuit in court, the landlord may be responsible for any expenses incurred by the tenant and attorney’s fees. If the lessee loses in court, the lessee may have to bear the landlord’s costs and attorney’s fees. It is also the responsibility of the tenant thatRead More →

The US immigration system is mainly based on family reunion, on-demand work skills and capital investment to grant immigration status. The immigration system also covers refugees and asylum seekers, and provides a “lottery” for those who are in urgent need of immigration to improve their immigration status. The process ofRead More →