Last week in Noghrey v Town of Brookhaven, 2008 NY Slip Op 01314 the Second Department ordered a new trial in case where the plaintiff claimed that the Town’s rezoning constituted an unconstitutional taking of his property. A jury had found in favor of the plaintiff, the but Second DepartmentRead More →

It isn’t often that elderly people get hauled into court and have to defend themselves against criminal charges, and thus, invoke their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. But there is another situation in which grandma’s liberty may be stake and where she may want to keep quite in court proceedings.Read More →

Business planning arranges a business with certain purposes in mind. Business planning includes selecting from various techniques that are suited to the owner of the business. Beginning with the selection of the business entity, whether it be corporate, partnership, trust or another type of entity, or the information, organization, orRead More →