International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is a branch of public international law. In order to fully understand the work and operation of humanitarian law, it is important to understand the basic structure, principles and rules of public international law. Public international law is the practice of regulating and regulating relations betweenRead More →

Under Illinois law, a landlord must disclose certain information to a tenant (usually in a lease or lease agreement), such as a rental benefit. For a complete list, see Illinois asking landlords to disclose. Illinois law does not limit the amount of money landlords can collect. However, it does limitRead More →

Network crime can be divided into two aspects: (I) crimes against computer equipment or network; (II) crimes encouraged by computer equipment or network. The law does not attempt to provide a comprehensive definition of cybercrime, but merely states that each of the crimes listed in the law will constitute cybercrime.Read More →

The theory of natural law tries to interpret law as a phenomenon. In order to make it effective, it must conform to the higher standard of law based on morality. There are two basic types of natural law theory, one is the higher law (Theology) set by God revealed byRead More →

Marital property refers to all property (including ownership rights and interests) acquired by husband and wife during their marriage. This includes, with some exceptions, all debts incurred by the couple during their marriage. The Washington matrimonial property law recognizes the concept of community property, that is, almost all property acquiredRead More →

Unfair competition law is mainly composed of infringements, which cause economic damage to enterprises through fraud or improper business practices. Unfair competition can be divided into two categories: Unfair competition Sometimes used only to refer to infringements (also known as deceptive transactions) that are intended to confuse consumers with theRead More →

Puerto Rico is the only property in the United States that has its legal system operating primarily in languages ​​other than American English (ie Spanish). However, since the US federal government primarily operates in English, the result is that all Puerto Rican lawyers must be bilingual in order to fileRead More →

The landlord Leasing Act covers every law and right that every landlord and every tenant has in their particular state. Both parties need to know the basic knowledge of rental housing, how to collect or pay the deposit, the basic knowledge of fair housing law, etc. From the landlord’s perspective,Read More →

International law, also known as national public international law, is a system of legal rules, norms and standards applicable between sovereign states and other entities legally recognized as international actors. The word was coined by the British philosopher Jeremy Bentham . Definition and scope According to Bentham’s classic definition, internationalRead More →